Now in its second year, World Wellbeing Week aims to raise awareness of wellbeing in all aspects of our lives, including social, physical, emotional, financial, career, community and environmental wellbeing. Throughout World Wellbeing Week the organisers, Wellbeing World, say they, “will continue to give recognition to the professional practitioners in this burgeoning sector, whilst also shining a light on charities and social enterprises working hard in their own specific areas of wellbeing. It also provides a platform for the leading organisations of the world to highlight their wellbeing strategies and activities, and to demonstrate their appreciation for their valued employees, customers, partners and suppliers.”

With students’ mental health becoming more of a concern, supporting their wellbeing whilst at school has become increasingly important. Exam pressures and online safeguarding issues are just some of the challenges they face that can have a negative impact on their behaviour, progress and mood.

Our classroom management solution, NetSupport School, and IT management solution, NetSupport DNA, can provide schools with a combination of tools and vital insights to give teachers a window into how their students feel and the issues they may be dealing with – as well as allowing technicians to provide a safe learning environment.

Wellbeing isn’t just an issue for students, but for teachers and technicians too.

High workload, lack of work-life balance, lack of resources and feeling unsupported by leaders can all combine to negatively impact the wellbeing of staff. With so much technology now on board in schools, it’s time to think about how this can not only benefit teaching and learning, but staff wellbeing too.

NetSupport School and NetSupport DNA can provide schools with a combination of tools to deliver shortcuts to make technicians’ lives easier, save teachers’ time and alleviate anxieties around technology use. To find out more about World Wellbeing Week, click here. To find out how NetSupport’s solutions support student wellbeing in your school, click here, and for staff wellbeing, click here.