International Stress Awareness Week was created in 2018 with the ambition to bring some attention to this heavily stigmatised subject.

This year, a variety of online activities will be taking place between 2ndand 6thNovember, ranging from individuals sharing their personal struggles and any advice, to organisations explaining how they support their employees through the toughest of times.

Mental health problems are far more prominent in recent times, with 19.2% of adults suffering from some form of depression during the coronavirus lockdown period earlier this year. This figure is almost double that of the 2019 stat from the same period of 9.7% (source: ISMA).

Helping to reduce the stress levels of business staff is the award-winning IT asset management solution, NetSupport DNA. Its combination of time-saving tools, such as proactive network alerts, device auto-discovery, software distribution and enterprise reporting, all help to reduce IT teams’ workloads.

Moreover, NetSupport DNA eases the pressure on business leaders showing them the areas where they can save money. So whether that is through efficient management of IT assets, the avoidance of costs incurred by downtime or maintenance, or simply enabling them to make more informed decisions from the data that DNA provides, it all helps to make the workplace slightly less stressful!

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