With classroom.cloud, teachers can manage, monitor and interact with students’ school Chromebooks to deliver instruction in school, remotely and to hybrid environments. The cloud-based classroom management and teaching platform is simple to use and helps teachers deliver quality learning experiences, no matter where they or their students are located.

The latest update to classroom.cloud’s Student ChromeExtension provides new features and enhancements to further support schools in monitoring and managing students’ Chromebooks, such as:

  • It now supports several languages, including English (UK), English (US), French, German, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish.
  • Teachers can now view all activity on the students’ desktop – not just the activity taking place in the open browser window.
  • A new connection state has been added, showing if privacy settings (out of hours, off network) are in force.
  • Administrators now have the option to prevent unmanaged Chromebooks from being enrolled.

Teachers can now quickly and easily connect to students’ Chromebooks – and the Student ChromeExtension also allows them to:

  • Interact via chat, messages and help requests.
  • Assess progress and topic understanding with surveys.
  • Monitor students’ screens, web and app use.
  • Stay safe with ‘allowed’ and ‘restricted’ web and app lists.
  • Gain attention by locking screens.


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