American Education Week begins today, a period in which each day has its own special theme – all aiming to celebrate the public-school community. Festivities taking place honor every member of staff involved in the school day, from teachers and assistants to caterers and admin staff.

Here is a taster of the plans for the week:

  • Monday – Kickoff Day
  • Tuesday – Parents’ Day
  • Wednesday – Education Support Professionals’ Day
  • Thursday – Educator for a day
  • Friday – Substitute Educators’ day

Helping to support school staff and make their job easier is our classroom management solution, NetSupport School. With a combination of features to manage, instruct, monitor, test, and assess, it really is the ideal platform to boost student engagement and identify areas to improve on.

For example, NetSupport School provides a virtual whiteboard with a wealth of drawing and annotation tools, acting as a new and more exciting way to perform demonstrations and keep students focused. Additionally, with the ‘Show mode’, class tutors can share their screens to all or a selected number of students, as well as use ‘Audio mode’ to provide instructions or explanations.

Moreover, application and internet metering tools mean full control of both attention and safeguarding. Setting ‘restricted’ lists ensure students stay on track and avoid potentially harmful content, while the keyboard monitoring tool highlights potential high risk activity from students.

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