The education landscape has had quite a shake-up in recent months and has highlighted the need for schools to support remote learning and social distancing – helping to provide continued education in a safe learning environment. 

Luckily, we have two award-winning solutions to help you! 

NetSupport School – Social distancing:  

NetSupport School’s feature-rich set of in-school teaching and classroom management tools enables teachers to deliver instruction and assessment across multiple rooms, monitor students’ screens and keep them on task from afar – while students can request help without having to leave their desks. 

classroom.cloud – Remote learning: 

classroom.cloud provides the essential tools for online teaching and classroom management. In minutes, teachers can connect to their classes and instruct, collaborate, and assess – while managing and controlling online class behavior.

Use as stand-alone solutions or pair together and get the ultimate set of teaching and classroom management tools for in-school and remote learning – ensuring your school is covered for any scenario.