Blended learning brings together the best of both worlds: online and face-to-face learning. In today’s education landscape, this is a must-have approach for consistent learning in a safe environment, where students may switch between in-school and remote learning.

With NetSupport’s solutions, schools can equip teachers with the right tools to maintain student focus and engagement in any classroom. For example, our feature-rich, in-school instruction solution, NetSupport School, gives teachers the ability to monitor, interact, assess, stay safe and gain attention from students. Its combination of student screen monitoring, interactive whiteboards, testing modes and safety features make it the ideal solution for classroom learning.

Providing the essentials for online learning has never been simpler than with our newest solution: Using student screen locking, help requests, reward assigning and online ‘approved’ and ‘restricted’ web and application lists, teachers can lead lessons with full concentration, engagement and safety – all online, for blended or remote learning.

A combination of and NetSupport School allows the delivery of high-quality blended learning experiences for your students.

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