One of the main causes of stress and teacher wellbeing imbalance is using edtech in the classroom. This could be due to a lack of proper training, or maybe the solution they have to use is more complicated than the task they need it for.

NetSupport’s teaching toolkits are designed with teacher accessibility in mind, so the tools can be used easily, and both students and teachers can gain the benefits of digital instruction.

NetSupport School, our award-winning classroom management and instruction solution, is ideal for supporting in-school learning combined with social distancing. There are three user modes available for teachers to choose from, so different levels of edtech confidence (and wellbeing!) can be supported. Many of its features can also be accessed in one click, and the intuitive user-interface makes navigation easy., our new, easy breezy, low-cost cloud-based classroom management and teaching platform, offers a new way for teachers to access technology for online teaching and learning, either inside the classroom or remotely. Offering only the essential tools needed, feature overload is avoided and no training is required! Teachers can simply select the class and the students’ devices are connected in seconds, all ready for learning.

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