Today marks the beginning of National School Counseling Week, a week dedicated to celebrating the important work school counselors provide to the US school systems and their impact on student achievement and success.  

Sponsored by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), this year’s theme is “School Counselors: All In for All Students.” A great theme to support our current times while encouraging unity and inclusion. Join in the celebration and show your support by using #NSCW21. To learn more about the activities and ways to support #NSCW21, visit American School Counselor Association (ASCA). 

NetSupport understands the vital role school counselors play and the challenges faced today, which is why NetSupport DNA is equipped with a unique suite of eSafety tools to aid them in their daily role. 

NetSupport DNA is equipped with keyword monitoring to capture triggered keywords and phrases help to protect against instances of bullying, radicalism, racism, or self-harm. Plus, using neurolinguistic technology, it can identify the context the word was used in and provide supporting screenshots for further assistance. 

To provide continuous support of students’ wellbeing, NetSupport DNA includes a unique Contextual Intelligence-based Risk Index to proactively identify at-risk students. Based on contextual AI risk analysis, a numerical risk index is assigned to students based on the context and history of their activity, allowing staff to quickly identify and support vulnerable students.  

Taking it one step further, NetSupport DNA adds an extra layer of safety, allowing students and teachers to discreetly report a concern to a trusted staff member. This feature can be added to the school’s website so students can seek assistance from their school counselors anytime, from any device. This provides school counselors with another tool for ensuring students’ wellbeing and success.  

To learn more about NetSupport DNA’s safeguarding features, click here. 


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