The ISTE Standards provide an outline for innovation in education with the goal of preparing students for success in work and life. With technology constantly evolving, the ISTE Standards have recently been updated with an increased focus on supporting learning in the current digital age.

At NetSupport, we understand the importance of staying up to date with education trends and industry standards, which is why our solutions are designed with the help of educators and with best practice in mind to aid in effective technology-led teaching and learning in line with ISTE Standards.

Using NetSupport products, educators and education leaders can be sure they are using quality edtech tools to enhance instruction:

  • Classroom management and instruction solution, NetSupport School, allows teachers to ensure students are using technology in-school safely and efficiently for learning.
  • IT asset management and eSafety solution, NetSupport DNA, provides teachers with a built-in school-wide eSafety toolkit to easily monitor devices.
  • Cloud-based remote learning tool,, allows teachers to easily lead learning whether in-school, remote, or both.

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