The brainchild of NetSupport’s Head of Education (Mark Anderson) and the Head of Digital Learning at Sevenoaks Prep (Ronan Mc Nicholl), Global Edtech was started early in 2020 as a platform to share ideas, news and opinions on edtech from a variety of sources. Part of that process was connecting with educators from around the globe to form the Global Edtech author team. With representation from every continent and corner of the world, we have great traction on the site with articles, posts and thought leadership pieces written by educators and edtechs – as well as founders, Mark and Ronan. 

Shift forwards twelve months to 2021 and we have seen a meteoric rise in the importance and impact of edtech on a global scale linked to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This saw the inaugural ‘Future of Edtech’ online conference hosted by Global Edtech with a plethora of global representation from educators and edtech leaders and with keynotes from Professor Rose Luckin and NetSupport’s very own Al Kingsley.

Al’s keynote recognised how instrumental a digital strategy has been to those schools who have been able to make the most of their technology during the various lockdowns around the world. 

 To listen to Al discuss this topic and others at upcoming events such as:

  • FED National Education Summit (1 – 4 March)
  • First National Edtech & Pedagogy (Remote Education) Conference (15 – 18 March)
  • UKEdChat 2021 Online Conference (6 – 8 April)
  • BrainStorm – Sandusky (2 – 4 May)

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