I first stumbled upon the force of nature that is Emma Turner when I read her brilliant book ‘Be More Toddler’ early in 2020, prior to the first lockdown. It’s a fantastic book exploring the lessons we can learn from young people about being brave in leadership. A strong leader, Emma is also passionate about flexible working and so, in November 2020, her second book ‘Let’s Talk About Flex’ was released to great acclaim too.  

With many strings to her bow, including being a former Headteacher, Emma’s current role sees her as the Research and CPD lead for the Discovery Schools Academy Trust in Leicester. Alongside this, she also presents on the Naylor’s Natter Podcast, regularly shares great ideas, tips and her vast experience via her popular Twitter account at @Emma_Turner75. 

In this episode of the #TipTopTipsEdu show, Emma responds to the following questions with some fantastic advice and anecdotes: 

  1. Can you tell us a bit about your career to date? 
  2. Why did you become a teacher?
  3. In your book ‘Be More Toddler’ you talk about how teachers can improve and develop by being ‘a bit more toddler’ – to what extent do you think this helps people in their adoption of using technology in the classroom and can you share any anecdotes on how you’ve approached this?
  4. Can you share one thing that you do with technology as a leader that helps you to be more efficient?
  5. With your new book about flexible working, this is clearly something you’re hugely passionate about. What issues do many school leaders face on this topic and what tips would you give them?
  6. Do you have one tip that helps you to be productive when juggling as many plates as you do?
  7. With your parent hat on, could you possibly share any tips for how parents can best support their children with remote learning? 
  8. What is your number one top tip/life hack/approach that you would like to share with our viewers/listeners? 

Watch Mark chat to Emma, here.

Or listen to the podcast, here!