Well, we’ve got it covered – be sure to listen to Al Kingsley on the Teach Middle East Podcast! In this issue, Al discusses school digital strategies and the impact of technology on the continuation of learning during a pandemic.  

In this episode, Al highlights key issues in education and the future of EdTech while addressing important questions regarding the current landscape of the industry. 

In this episode…

We talk about whether Covid-19 pandemic is a crisis or an opportunity for the education sector. We delve into what schools should and should not be doing when planning their digital strategies, we got our crystal balls out and attempted to predict the future of EdTech. Al also reveals the one piece of tech that he finds indispensable. The following questions are answered as part of the interview:

  1. Do you believe we have a crisis in education as a result of COVID-19 or an opportunity? (Why or why not?)
  2. We have been in the clutches of COVID-19 for a year, what changes have you noticed in schools’ digital strategies?
  3. What do you think schools can do to improve the outcomes of learners now and when schools resume in-person teaching?
  4. Where do you see EdTech going in the future? What is the future of EdTech?

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