Be sure to follow these educators on Twitter 

Twitter can be a great place for educators to seek advice, get resources, and stay current with trending topics in the education field. Many educators have made a name for themselves among the Twitterverse as edtech influencers and have become go-to’s for all things edtech.

This is why we’ve created a list of our top US 10 educators to follow on Twitter! Be sure to follow these educators to get valuable tips and resources to help technology-led learning.

  1. @alicekeeler
  2. @ClassTechTips
  3. @sarahdateechur
  4. @JenWilliamsEdu
  5. @JakeMillerTech
  6. @K_shelton
  7. @jmattmiller
  8. @JaimeDonally
  9. @tinyvincent
  10. @rmbryne

Discover why each educator made our list by downloading our PDF here!