You think it won’t happen to you, but in the blink of an eye your PC can fail, your smartphone can get stolen, your tablet can meet with an accident and all your important files, essential documents and precious photos can be gone – just like that.

Backing up is like an insurance policy; it’s there ‘just in case’ the worst happens. We all know it’s the right thing to do, but it’s not generally high on people’s priority lists. In businesses, things are hopefully more disciplined, with processes in place to ensure critical files are safeguarded in this way – but in our personal lives, often it’s more ad hoc, to say the least. Astonishingly, 30 per cent of the population have never backed anything up!

What to do
Most people back up their files in one of two ways: to an external drive or with a provider in the cloud, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and so on.

Most cloud providers start you off with an allocation of digital space for free, with the option to pay for more when you need it. Often, you can set up a backup process once and then everything will back up automatically from that point onwards.

If you’d prefer to back up manually to an external hard drive, then you’ll need to be meticulous about it, as well as periodically make sure the external drive is working as expected too!

Why have a World Backup Day?
The point of having a day dedicated to digital backing up is to reinforce the message that it’s something we all (individuals and businesses alike) should be doing. It’s too late once hardware fails, your devices are stolen or your premises and technology have been damaged by fire or flood. Once information has gone, without a backup there’s no getting it back. At its worst, it could mean that your business fails if all your customer records have been lost, so it’s definitely worthwhile thinking about your existing backup processes and tightening them up if they need it – or even starting from scratch if you don’t have anything in place.

Backing up gives everyone peace of mind. So why not prepare now so you’re all set for World Backup Day on March 31st!