CEO Al Kingsley discusses strategic planning for your school technology 

We’re thrilled to be featured in District Administration! Be sure to check out our latest article, “7 reasons why dragging out your technology strategic plan is a good thing” written by our very own CEO, Al Kingsley. 

Discussing the importance of having a strategic plan, Al says: “Looking at where you want to go versus the ground you’ve likely already covered, you’re certain to be farther along than you realize. When you’re standing in the middle of the obstacle course, progress can be difficult to see, I know. That’s why it may also be a wise time to enlist outside counsel to help pinpoint the most pressing issues, deploy solutions and help you use what you’ve already got – the priceless experience you and your teams earned this past year.” 

Here are the seven reasons Al discusses when considering why dragging out your technology strategic plan will actually be good this time: 

  • We know more overall. 
  • Remote/digital teaching really helps some students. 
  • We’re all digital teachers now.  
  • It’s not theory any more
  • No need for new hardware.  
  • We can make real progress without big cost.  
  • Interventions and solutions can be targeted, even surgical.