Welcome to another episode of #TipTopTipsEdu! In this episode, we talk with our Technical Support Manager, Andy Earp, about all things classroom.cloud and he shares his top five tips based upon some of the most frequent questions he’s asked about it. 

Already picking up awards – such as this one for ‘Best Remote Learning Tools’ from Tech & Learning’s Awards of Excellence – classroom.cloud is a superb solution to support teaching and learning both in person and remotely.  

I asked Andy the five questions below and he helpfully supplied technical documents to help you undertake the different activities explained in his responses:

Question 1 –  How do you assign devices to groups? 

Question 2 – How do you invite users to your organisation?

Question 3 –  How do you change screen prompt behaviour on Chrome devices? 

Question 4 – What privacy options are available? 

Question 5 – What deployment methods are available for the clients? 

Are you the sort of person who prefers to listen rather than watch? That’s absolutely fine and we have you covered too.  

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