Did you know that Twitter can be an excellent social media platform for educators? It’s the perfect place for educators to connect and build a community, share education resources and seek professional development. In addition, it also helps educators stay informed with current edtech trends. 

Last month, we created a list of the top 10 US educators to follow. These influencers are known for all things edtech and offering valuable tips and resources for educators. 

Have you seen our list yet? Don’t wait any longer – hurry to see who made our top ten! 

  1. @alicekeeler  
  2. @ClassTechTips  
  3. @sarahdateechur  
  4. @JenWilliamsEdu  
  5. @JackMillerTech  
  6. @K_shelton  
  7. @jmattmiller  
  8. @JaimeDonally  
  9. @tinyvincent  
  10. @rmbryne