Welcome to another episode of #TipTopTipsEdu! In this episode, I was pleased to welcome US former educator and all round edtech superstar Monic Burns, aka ClassTechTips, to the show.  

I’ve always really enjoyed my conversations with Monica about teaching and learning with technology when we’ve worked together. I was so looking forward to it, I shared about her involvement in the show prior to the recording and asked on Twitter if anyone had any questions that they’d like Monica to respond to with some #TipTopTipsEdu! 


Thanks to Nick DempsterLinda ParsonsKat CauchiJon Neale and SabeshanGnanam for their responses, which formed some of the questions I asked Monica during the show.  

  1. Can you share any #TipTopTipsEdu on how to use edtech to support EAL and SEND learners? (Kat Cauchi)
  2. Do you have any #TipTopTipsEdu on slick starter activities that teachers can give to students that take the cognitive load off the teachers at the start of lesson and promote collaboration/online oracy? (Linda Parsons)  
  3. What are your #TipTopTipsEdu for getting staff buy-in to upskill and innovate or change the way things have traditionally been done in the classroom? (Sabeshan Gnanam)  
  4. Can you share any #TipTopTipsEdu on how to create digital portfolios for our youngest learners, such as those aged 4-8 years old? (Nick Dempster)
  5. Do you have any #TipTopTipsEdu thoughts on where you might see apps like Clubhouse or TikTok as vehicles for delivering (and enhancing) learning experiences in the future? (Jon Neale)
  6. Research shows that embedding oracy as a key part of the curriculum can really help with learners’ progress. Do you have any #TipTopTipsEdu on tools that can help to promote oracy in the classroom? (Mark Anderson) 

 As you might expect, these questions brought about some fantastic conversations, but you’ll have to watch or listen to the episode to hear the insights shared! 

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To learn more about Monica, her work, books and her various social accounts, please visit https://bit.ly/MonicaBIO where you’ll find everything you need.  

Finally, thank you to Monica for taking some time out of her busy schedule to catch up and share her #TipTopTipsEdu on the show!