Over the past couple of months, we’ve shared a variety of articles with valuable information about the education industry. We hope you’ve seen them, but in case you didn’t – check out more information about each article below and be sure to read the full version to discover more.

In this article, “Two 30 Year Veterans Discuss The Education Technology Market“, Pam Nelson and Al Kingsley discuss their experience and knowledge of the edtech market from over thirty years of being in the education industry. They focus on the importance of co-producing with educators to the use of AI to support learning. Read the full article here.

Due to the pandemic, many schools had to shift to remote learning or blended environments to continue learning. In “Balancing Technology and Teachers’ Confidence,” Al discusses the need for teachers to be comfortable with technology as a pedagogical tool since incorporating technology into education is crucial to help prepare students for an increasingly digital world. Read more here.

Interested in new apps to improve your professional or personal life? Well, we’ve got just the article for you! Be sure to read “16 Tech Experts Share Favorite Apps They Use Every Day” to discover 16 recommendations from the tech industry leaders that make up the Forbes Technology Council. Read the full article here.

In this article, “11 Game-Changing Reasons To Monitor Your Website Traffic,” the Forbes Technology Council discusses the importance of monitoring website traffic to improve performance. The council shares their advice on what you can learn and accomplish by delving into the data from your business’ website. Read more here.