Every company looks fondly upon its first product, and that’s how it is here at NetSupport with our remote control solution, NetSupport Manager. It’s how it all started for us back in 1989 and, safe to say, it’s come a long way since then – gaining loyal customers, bagging award recognitions and getting some great reviews. We’re immensely proud of how it’s developed over the years and the number of features and tools it packs these days!

What does it do?

NetSupport Manager is a fully featured remote control and remote support tool to help companies manage their networks, devices and users. It’s designed to be flexible to accommodate different organisations’ needs, so it works over a LAN, WAN or the internet, with support for TCP/IP and HTTP communications (and even legacy IPX and NetBIOS support).

If your company has a mix of devices running on a mix of platforms, that’s no problem. NetSupport Manager remotely supports any Windows, Mac, Linux (legacy) and/or Chrome OS desktop, as well as a range of mobile devices, from any Windows PC, Mac, Apple iOS/Android tablet or smartphone.

From gathering a detailed hardware/software inventory and grouping devices across the company into a clear hierarchy, to remote command prompt and registry editor, you can gain a detailed overview of your organisation’s IT infrastructure. You can also deliver one-to-many support – not just 1-to-1 – meaning you can scan and view multiple screens in sequence via unique real-time thumbnails.

If you’re concerned about security, you’re in safe hands here. NetSupport Manager offers security features such as security keys, activity logs and user acknowledgement to 256-bit encryption, smartcard support, AD integration and more, so you can be sure that your data and connections stay secure.

Quick wins

In short, NetSupport Manager can save you a lot of time, for example: enabling you to quickly respond to IT issues across multiple sites in any location, all from a central point – or with one-to-many file distribution. In addition, its scripting and scheduling suite can enable routine tasks to be automated, freeing up valuable time to do more important things!

Importantly, in these difficult times, it can save your company money too. NetSupport Manager’s ‘buy once, own forever’ model means that businesses aren’t tied to a subscription payment every month and can still use the product as they need to.

Solid, reliable, dependable

NetSupport Manager’s 30+ year pedigree tells you all you need to know – not just about how capable this solution is, but how trusted it is, too. It has many organisations who are long-term users; proving that it is a dependable product that can be relied on. But here, these customers say it better than we can…

“As a customer of NetSupport for 15 years, we have found no other product that matches its features, stability and reliability.” – Nockolds Solicitors

“A great product and great customer service have kept us using NetSupport Manager for years!” – Airport Coordination Ltd.

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