New features and enhancements for helpdesk operators everywhere… 

Over the last year or so, with businesses and schools increasingly relying on technology to keep their operations going, IT technicians and helpdesk operators have been kept busy – something that’s not going to change any time soon. 

Manage workload 

So, just to make things a little easier, the brand-new update for NetSupport ServiceDesk helps IT teams to manage each helpdesk operator’s workload fairly by automatically assigning tickets. The ‘Circular’ option automatically assigns new items to each operator in turn, allowing them to be evenly distributed – whilst the ‘Load balance’ option assigns new items to the operator with the least open items (any items that don’t have a ‘closed’ status).  

There’s a new “Out of office” option too, which means that any operators who are ‘out of office’ will be excluded from any Circular or Load balance assigning options that have been set within the team.  

Save time 

We often refer to the ‘marginal gains’ in our products – when smaller benefits combine to free up time for more important tasks – and of course, these run throughout all our solutions. 

The latest time-saving ‘wins’ in the new version of NetSupport ServiceDesk mean that you can now see a preview of image files that are attached to an incident (no more waiting for large files to open), copy image files from the clipboard directly into the ‘add details’ section of an incident (avoiding a separate ‘upload’ activity), and use the new dates fields in the search criteria to search more effectively for what you need.  

Better record keeping, more flexibility 

To keep the helpdesk team organised and every ticket’s status accounted for, now, when an item is logged, a category for ‘incidents’, ‘problems’ and ‘change requests’ can be added, helping to ensure that all items have a category assigned to them.  

And for those of you who need a little more flexibility, NetSupport ServiceDesk now features additional SQL database connection provider options to support you with different methods of connecting to the SQL server.