It’s fair to say that we are big fans of, of course we would be, but it’s not just us who say or think so either. With accolades and awards to its name already, our classroom management solution is shaping up to be one of our most popular products ever, from our 30+ year-old stable of world-leading education solutions.  

Co-constructing our products along with our customers is a hallmark of our product range and we’ve already had some fantastic feedback. With it being a relatively new product to the marketplace however, some might not know what they key benefits are, so in this post, I’ll highlight six of the biggest wins we’ve been hearing from our customers to share with you to help you understand how can help your teaching and your students learning in the classroom. 

It’s easy to use 

One of the biggest issues with technology adoption is the ease of which an app, product or tool can be used by the teachers who want to use it in the classroom. Not with It’s simple-to-use interface makes it easy for educators to support their teaching activities in the classroom. Want to open up a specific web page for your learners in a few simple clicks? You’ve got it! Want to see what your students are up to on an easy-to-view dashboard? You’ve got it! That’s why our customers keep coming back to us – we focus our attention on the features that matter, making sure that the user experience is easy to navigate, manage and use.  

Ease of assessment 

Assessment in its various guises is a cornerstone of every classroom. With it is a simple process to use our surveying tool to take the temperature of learning in the classroom. Without trying to replace your long-standing assessment tools of choice, this tool can be used to poll, quiz and interrogate your learners and inform you on where misconceptions might lie or the next steps in your lesson sequence.  

See your entire class 

Social distancing is a phrase that many wouldn’t have had in their everyday vernacular in 2019 but there isn’t a day that goes past where you won’t hear it used now. ‘Marginal gains’ is a term widely used in education to represent the cumulative, aggregated wins that can be gained in the classroom. The ability to efficiently check that behaviours for learning are being displayed for your learners is a consistently mentioned favourite feature amongst the educators who use 

Launch apps/websites 

Another marginal gain that you can achieve by using is the ability to save time waiting for students to load up the correct app or website. With just a few clicks, you can easily ‘approve’, open and share the sites and resources you want your learners to focus on, without them being able to access distracting sites and resources.  


One of the difficulties of the pandemic in education has been in trying to facilitate the continuation of learning when your learners are geographically disparate. With, as you can imagine, the tool leverages the power of the cloud so, whether your classes are down the corridor, in your classroom, learning from home or any combinations thereof, learning can still continue.  

Fab tech support 

Clearly not a feature of the software itself, however, a positive that our customers always comment upon is the superb after-sales and technical support that our teams provide. This was recently highlighted in this comment from Ben Whitaker, Head of IT Services at Bury Grammar School: 

The transition to has been seamless. It was quick to set-up, easy to use and the team has provided us with support the whole way through. Most importantly, it has been straightforward and clear to use for teachers, the feedback we have had from them has been that it is easily navigable and it just works really well. Choosing was a no-brainer for us.” 

 To learn more about how can support, complement and help learning, whatever the lesson, either drop me a line on social media @ICTEvangelist or why not come take a look on our website or get in touch with our team, who’d be delighted to talk with you.