NetSupport’s CEO, Al Kingsley, discusses the unlocked potential of education technology… 

Over the past year, edtech has played an essential role supporting blended learning throughout the pandemic. Our recent article, “The unlocked potential of education technology” written by our CEO, Al Kingsley, highlights key challenges in education, such as closing the attainment gap and supporting wellbeing.  

Discussing the importance of edtech, Al says: “Edtech will also be a critical tool in supporting students to close the attainment gap. For example, secondary schools can use AI (artificial intelligence) to support personalized learning and retrieval practice, while primary schools can create additional online resources that children can use at weekends or holidays. Some schools may also use the catch-up fund from the government to purchase additional teaching resources for extra tutoring. There is a whole host of education programs that can enhance engagement and support learning through non-traditional methods such as Minecraft or Sim City that help do develop additional skills such as critical thinking.” 

Al also mentions important priorities for teachers, leaders and school staff as well as students and parents to aid in a smooth transition to recovery and the future landscape ahead.  

Highlighting the impact of edtech on teachers, Al says: “Edtech has proven to be a hugely effective tool for teachers throughout the pandemic and this learning should not be lost. By using technology that allows teachers to share resources online, host virtual parents’ evenings and devices with software that allow them to easily transition between school and home teaching and learning, teachers will have the opportunity to be more efficient and flexible. Thus, giving them the headspace and time to support their students as they readjust to school life and start planning for the future.”