When it comes to data and its security, the nature of your organisation often means that technology decisions are made according to how much control you need to have.

Businesses in industries where security is vital (such as in large-scale manufacturing, financial institutions or the armed forces), often choose self-hosted solutions for their remote management and support, due to the added security of having total control of all their data on their own site. Once purchased, these solutions are owned forever, so even when times are tough, these organisations can be sure that they will still have access to their solution and data.

In contrast, other businesses that are more comfortable having their data managed off-site by a third party may choose cloud-based solutions. Reasons to go down this route include the ability to pay as you go, the convenience of passing the responsibility of updating and so on to someone else, or scalability – which is particularly valuable if a company is growing or changing rapidly.

Keeping it inside your four walls
For highly regulated industries, on-premises solutions offer the extra controls needed to comply with any internal data security policies they have in place. Keeping data safely behind their firewalls, on their own servers and only accessible by the systems they choose, means these organisations can operate with greater confidence and peace of mind.

And there are other benefits of running purchased, licensed software. The organisation has complete control over its own security and when to run its own backups – and it can also choose when and how to update its systems, rather than be at the mercy of a third-party provider that makes that decision and imposes it on them.

How NetSupport Manager can help maintain security
NetSupport Manager is our established remote control and IT management solution, with a reputation for great security – and that applies whether IT teams are supporting remote workers over the internet, in the office or on a private WAN. Companies can even choose the level of encryption for these connections that’s most appropriate for their needs.

Security keys are a feature of the solution, along with a secure Gateway. What that means is that the server, clients and the Gateway that connects them can only operate if they all have matching security keys, thereby preventing any unauthorised connections and significantly reducing any potential security risks.

Organisations can tighten security even more by even restricting access to certain remote systems to particular technicians – and there are stacks of password, user acknowledgement, authentication options and more to ensure high-level protections across the board.

Stability is important
A key component of a secure solution is its reliability and stability. No organisation wants to risk problems or downtime that might open up channels for unauthorised connections to occur and NetSupport Manager has proved over time it’s a solution that they can rely on.

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