CEO Al Kingsley discusses “5 Tips for Keeping Students Focused and Engaged When Learning Remotely”

Student engagement has been a challenge in most schools long before the pandemic, but with remote learning becoming the norm, it has become even more complicated. Our recent article in Teach Middle East magazine, “5 Tips for Keeping Students Focused and Engaged When Learning Remotely”, written by our CEO, Al Kingsley, discusses ways to help teachers maintain students’ focus and engagement during remote learning.

Discover Al’s five tips below:

  1. Continuity – “Choose a platform that allows teachers to switch seamlessly between in-school and remote learning.”
  2. Monitor and control – “Equip teachers with tools that allow them to control activity online and eliminate distractions.”
  3. Interaction – “Without the tools for effective interaction, lessons delivered via technology risk becoming a passive experience for students.”
  4. Gamified assessment – “Badges can be given for certain accomplishments and displayed on a leaderboard – this could help trigger students’ competitive instincts and keep them all the more engaged.”
  5. Accessibility – “Making sure that content is easily reachable during and after classes, and that students have a reference area they can consult in case they have issues, will give them the best possible chance to engage with their learning.”

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