Welcome to another episode of #TipTopTipsEdu! In this episode, we talk with our Technical Support Manager, Andy Earp, about all things NetSupport Notifyand he shares his top five tips based upon some of the most frequent questions he’s asked about it.

As explained in the episode, NetSupport Notify has lots of fantastic uses in all sorts of organisations, including schools. From alerting people about emergencies, to scheduled activities, kit reminders or even seeking help on behavioural issues from SLT callout – there are so many ways that Notify can help. 

In the episode, Andy responded to the following five questions and shared some great resources too: 

  1. Can I configure the Agents and Console via Group Policy?
    Configuring the NetSupport Notify Server details for Notification Agents and Consoles by Group Policy
  2. How do you send notifications from a web console?
    Sending notifications from a web page
  3. Is it possible to make it so that messages are only sent to certain departments?
    How to create NetSupport Notify Console Operators and specify which departments they can send notifications to
  4. Can I send notifications to Agents across multiple sites?

    Using NetSupport Notify across multiple sites 

  5. Is it possible to send a notification from a desktop shortcut?
    How to send pre-configured notifications from a desktop shortcut using NetSupport Notify

Are you the sort of person who prefers to listen rather than watch? That’s absolutely fine and we have you covered too.  

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