Discover why Moulded Foams Ltd relies on NetSupport Manager…

We’ve received a glowing review from Moulded Foams Ltd for our remote control solution, NetSupport Manager! Moulded Foams Ltd is a packaging manufacturer that produces mouldings for aerospace, automotive, medical suppliers, building industry and so much more.

They chose NetSupport Manager to help solve the challenge of connecting to multiple computers across different locations. See some of the reasons why they rely on NetSupport Manager for their needs!

What are the tools in NetSupport Manager that you use the most?  

I have the mini view of all the connected PC’s running at all times so I can monitor what is happening and can react with remote control if needed. With the app I am also able to monitor and respond to problems on the go.

How has NetSupport Manager contributed to your organisation?  

It allowed me full control over the monitored computers without needing to travel. I like the amount of control it gives you, not just from remote access but how you can monitor the computers’ resources and view exactly what has been installed.