Running an efficient business is all about being as lean and effective as possible across all areas – from managing and communicating with staff, to production, productivity, and finances. As every business leader will know, it’s a full-on job to maintain that efficiency at all times, as things will happen, and changes will occur that sometimes present challenges.

Your IT plays a large role in your operations and fortunately it’s an area that can really help you keep on top of its own management by using clever solutions to organize processes and procedures, as well as manage the devices across your company using automation and alerting. Not only this, but it can help deliver simple saves by monitoring your energy use and implementing automatic power management processes to eliminate waste.

Play it smart

Small to medium-sized businesses can really benefit from this kind of smart technology, as resources may be stretched as leaders try to grow the company. In this case, having a solution that can proactively guard against any potential downtime caused by human error is worth its weight in gold.

IT Asset Management (or ITAM) solutions can do all these things. It used to be that only large companies used them but, increasingly, SMBs have found that it’s actually really beneficial to have a proactive solution working for them too.

Let’s take a look at some of the things an ITAM solution can do…

  • Hey, over here! Implementing a solution that can monitor hundreds of scenarios and warn you when problems occur − or, better still, before they occur – can go a long way to save you from technology-related pain. For example, technicians could be alerted to situations where a server is struggling (helping them prevent any wider impact across your network), where license usage counts are reaching limits (to avoid any potential exposure to non-compliance fines) or when software has been uninstalled from a PC (so they know it can be re-deployed elsewhere).
  • Helping you decide: Being able to see hardware inventory or software license reports for a single device, department, or bespoke group in your organization in just a few clicks means your technicians can identify which PCs are upgradeable, which ones need to be replaced, and which ones could be more effectively deployed elsewhere – avoiding unnecessary purchases.
  • Providing visibility: ITAM solutions can give you a bird’s-eye view of your technology so you can see whether it’s being used efficiently. From the key data they collect, they can inform you of where improved efficiency can create cost and time-saving benefits. Saving and exporting the data to a report makes it easy to evidence improvements.
  • Software licensing, sorted: An ITAM solution that keeps track of your installed licenses and helps you to reduce unnecessary spending on those that aren’t needed is always welcome! And real-time usage data gives you the opportunity to make active and considered decisions on renewals.
  • Keeping things together: By keeping all the information about your software together (e.g. lease and maintenance contracts, what devices licenses are installed on, supplier details, contract term dates, and costs) you’ll have a greater awareness of renewal dates and can informed decisions about future IT planning and spending for your business.

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