You know the feeling… you sent a co-worker a high-priority email an hour ago, but you don’t know if they’ve seen it, opened it, or read it – or whether it will sit there, unloved, in their in-box for the rest of the week.

Take that up a few levels and it’s the dilemma of organizations the world over. How do you get urgent messages seen and read by all your staff quickly?

When there’s an emergency, it’s imperative messages are seen immediately. Part of the building may be on fire or at risk of flooding, a hurricane may be about to hit, an accident may have occurred on a production line, or the company may be under a cyberattack… However, phoning around the departments takes time, a mass email could be ignored, and a PA announcement could be missed if colleagues are on the phone or out of earshot.

Step forward, NetSupport Notify!

What is it?

NetSupport Notify is a mass notification solution. It delivers one-way alerts to staff desktops that take screen focus, meaning they can’t be skipped or ignored. In fact, you can’t do anything else until you’ve acknowledged the notification, so there’s no choice other than to read it!

Particularly useful in large organizations with users spread across multiple sites, notifications can be sent to up to 10,000 Windows, Chrome, macOS, and Linux desktops – as well as un-manned public information panels. For authenticity, they can be branded with your company colours, fonts, and logos, so there will be no doubt that the alerts are genuine.

What’s more, all delivered messages are recorded centrally with full delivery and receipt logging – and you can see the real-time status of the notification you’ve sent out as it’s being acknowledged by staff.

Check it out and get prepared

Sending instant alerts and notifications means that your staff can be better prepared, have all the information they need, or can act quickly – whatever the eventuality.

Check out the benefits of NetSupport Notify for your organization and consider making it part of your emergency communication plans. You never know when you might need it…

Further reading

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