We’re delighted that our very own CEO (and soon to be published author!), Al Kingsley, was featured on the “JOY FM Everyone in Education” podcast where he joined The EdTech Show with Dave Leonard. This podcast is a place aspiring to “connect everyone in education to promote and inspire joy in education” and also includes a fun, interactive quiz for listeners! 

This was an insightful episode that featured a great conversation on all things edtech. In addition to Al, Dave was joined by Ashlee Fox and Cory Hurst (also innovative edtech leaders) to highlight the value of edtech and the power of sharing content via YouTube. 

Some of topics discussed in this episode: 

  • The meaning of edtech 
  • Helpful edtech tools and resources 
  • EdTech YouTube channels (like the Check it out! show) 
  • Plus, Al’s upcoming book!