Check out our recent discussion on the My EdTech Life podcast! This podcast is hosted by K-12 Instructional Technologist, Fonz Mendoza, and has the goal of “connecting educators one show at a time” through collaborating and sharing ideas.

It’s a really great conversation between Fonz and our CEO, Al Kingsley, that highlights his experience and unique perspective in the education sector from the past 30 years. Al discusses the importance of technology and its need to support quality education, as well as creating an effective plan to deliver successful edtech solutions and encouraging edtech confidence in teachers.

In addition, Al chats to Fonz about his upcoming book, My Secret #EdTech Diary. This new book looks at edtech through a wider lens and aims to get you thinking about the past, present and future role of educational technology and how it influences and shapes our education system. To pre-order now, click here.