Join us tomorrow live on the Bett webinar, ‘From Reactionary to Revolutionary: Rethinking pedagogy for blended learning’. Taking place at 11 am EST, this event will feature a panel of exceptional speakers highlighting effective school digital strategies as well as digital pedagogies.

We’re excited to announce that our very own CEO, Al Kingsley, will be contributing on this panel! With his 30 years of experience in edtech and digital safeguarding, Al will bring his unique insight on all things edtech into this discussion.

Here are some key questions that will be discussed in this webinar around pedagogical reform:

  • How is the accelerated use of technology changing the ways in which we teach?
  • How must schools reconsider their pedagogical approaches to ensure the same quality of learning for students in both remote and in-classroom settings?
  • How might we adapt the curriculum for a blended learning approach?
  • How can we keep accessibility and inclusion in mind during learning design?

To see where Al’s headed next, check out our events page!