We’re all on a constant mission to be more organized and work more efficiently. Technology helps us in so many ways, and, by becoming super-users of a solution (that is, knowing its possibilities inside and out and using it to the max), we can really get the most out of it – and our company’s investment!

The IT Support team office is a busy place, with a constant stream of calls, conversations and questions. So the NetSupport team created NetSupport ServiceDesk to help organize tickets, keep track of progress and gather statistics to ensure teams are fully informed and can therefore make decisions effectively. It’s easy to use and really customizable, so business IT teams can make it their own.

Let’s take a look at how it can help the individual members of your team on a day-to-day basis:

  • NetSupport ServiceDesk can auto-assign tickets based on certain criteria to a specific person. This is handy when you know the strengths and experience of your operators, as some will be able to deal with particular issues more easily.
  • You can keep everything together that’s associated with a particular ticket; operators can add notes as well as attach and store relevant files. This is especially useful for when tickets are reassigned to other operators, saving them time and getting them up to speed quickly and easily so that they can provide a better continuity of customer service.
  • It can help operators locate historical tickets that they know contained information pertinent to their current ticket. NetSupport ServiceDesk keeps a full history of supporting notes attached to each incident along with source identifiers (telephone, email and more), making it easy for operators to search through old tickets for help with similar issues.
  • Operators can also create rules or set ticket prioritization and categorization manually to help prioritize work and manage customer expectations. For example, an agent may want to handle multiple similar issues together – and for key customers with SLAs, it’s easy to automatically set ‘high priority’ for these tickets.

Boosting productivity all round

The first step to boosting productivity is to reduce the frequency of reported incidents. Educating customers to log into the self-service portal and use the search facility to look for answers before logging a support request could save everyone valuable time. There may be a simple resolution to the issue that the user could apply themselves and continue with their tasks, instead of immediately submitting a ticket and having to wait until an operator can review and resolve it.

If they can’t find an answer, then tickets can be submitted easily through the self-service portal. The operators can then resolve them quickly with the help of automated tasks such as ticket creation, email responses, ticket escalation and more. Freeing up operators’ time means it can be better spent on more important work, plus, productivity levels increase for everyone involved – it’s a win for everyone!

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NetSupport ServiceDesk is perfect for businesses of all sizes. It’s affordable, customizable in a myriad of ways and supports IT support teams to be more organized and efficient.

Learn more about NetSupport ServiceDesk here and see how it could work for your organization!