It’s with great excitement that we announce our new membership with the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC)!

The SDPC aims to address issues regarding data privacy concerns through a collective of schools, districts, agencies, policy makers, and various leaders that have an impact on the education industry with the goal of focusing on ‘on-the-ground’ issues – commonly referred to by the SDPC as ‘tactical privacy’.

Discover the consortium’s five goals to improving privacy concerns below. 

In addition, the consortium also has a marketplace with solutions that can be implemented and adapted to address growing privacy concerns around student data. Taking it one step further, the SDPC provides valuable resources, videos, and presentations for schools and districts to discover their roles in protecting student data.

At NetSupport, our solutions are co-produced with educators to ensure the needs of everyday educators are met and they are updated frequently to address any ‘on-the-ground’ concerns. Our solutions have been trusted by educators for over 30 years to provide quality and consistency.

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