This July has been a very busy month at NetSupport – packed with podcasts, virtual and live events, as well as an edtech book launch. We hope you had a chance to see the action live, but in case you didn’t – here’s a quick recap to catch you up.  


  • ‘My Secret #EdTech Diary’ book launch: With over 30 years of experience in the education sector, Al Kingsley has shared his expert wisdom in his new edtech book – plus a panel of industry experts contribute to discuss the new landscape of edtech, as well as sharing knowledge over their many years in the industry. Check out Al’s new book here – available now. 
  • The Digital Executive podcast: Hosted by Brian Thomas, we were delighted to contribute to discuss how edtech has played a role during the pandemic and the opportunity to transform it in the future. Listen back to the podcast here
  • Classlink’s Partner Spotlight on Since our solutions integrate with Classlink, this was a great time to showcase how helps create a high-performing and safe classroom (virtual, hybrid or in-person) using flexible teaching, classroom management and online safety tools. Click here to learn more about our features and integration. 
  • Edtech Today podcast: Host and edtech influencer, Kevin Hogan, chats to Al Kingsley about the value of risk-taking in edtech. Be sure to listen back for great tips on risk-taking to help improve edtech. To listen back, click here.  
  • NetSupport Radio with Brianna Hodges: Al Kingsley interviews the super-talented education consultant, Brianna Hodges, and discusses education opportunities in a post-pandemic landscape. Discover the great tips Brianna shared with Al by listening back here
  • Trending in Education podcast: Al Kingsley joined host Mike Palmer to discuss his new book and insightful tips learned from his experience in working with the education sector, as well as the future landscape of education. To learn more, click here.
Stay tuned in to where we’re headed next by visiting our Events page.