Many organizations are gradually bringing more of their staff back to the office. However, for many, it won’t be a wholesale return to pre-pandemic times, rather something more flexible and fit for the future: hybrid working. This can deliver greater focus and productivity, as well as better work/life balance for employees – not to mention the reduction in commuting journeys, which is better for the planet.

Companies, therefore, are preparing themselves to cater to this new corporate landscape by reviewing their current IT assets, plans, and protocols, building in scalability and flexibility to cope with whatever comes. After all, we’ve just learned over the last 18 months that preparation is a good thing!

What’s the plan?

Refining your digital strategy means your company is always on the ball and in a better position to adapt and be flexible when it needs to. So firstly, reviewing the tech that your company currently has in place and doing a thorough audit will show which devices can be maximized or retired, as well as the solutions, processes, and protocols that do or don’t work. Having this information puts businesses in control, especially when it comes to decision-making.

Of course, security is a massive component of company IT – and this takes on greater importance when some employees are working remotely. So planning any new implementations with security at the forefront is critical to ensure the safety of company and personal data and ensure against vulnerabilities.

Let’s hear it…

For any new IT plans to succeed, they will need to work at every level. That’s why you’ll need your discussions to include staff representatives from every team or department. This ensures all ideas are heard, highlights any current problems (and solutions!), and gives staff some ownership of the coming changes, which is vital if they are to succeed.

Skill-building reaps rewards

It’s no good investing in new solutions if only a small number of people know how to use them. Staff will need to be trained properly on new tech and, crucially, be given the time to try things out to gain confidence in its use. It’s no longer enough to just know how the basics work; the ultimate aim is for companies to work smarter. To do this, they need to provide the support that employees need to elevate their skills, understand a particular solution’s full potential and apply it creatively. This naturally leads to the business achieving impacts and improvements across all areas.

It’s a brave new world for corporate organizations as they continue to navigate the ups and downs of the pandemic. However, technology can smooth the way – reaching across different sites, locations, and countries, and enabling work to continue wherever we are.

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