Our CEO, Al Kingsley, was recently featured in a guest post on the blog Learning As I Go: Experiences, Reflections, Lessons Learned created by Rachelle Dene Poth. In his guest post titled, ‘Staying Safe Online’, Al discusses the importance of keeping students safe online – regardless of whether learning takes place in the classroom, remotely, or both.

According to Al, ‘the greatest contributor to online safety is great digital citizenship education, backed by the promotion and modeling of a positive digital culture – and then technology plays a role to support those elements.’

Interested in learning more? Join us TODAY for a live discussion at 4:30 PM on Monday LIVE with Rachelle and Mel hosted by Melody McAllister and Rachelle Dene Poth.

Here are some questions that will be covered in this discussion:

  • What inspired you to be in the edtech space?
  • What tips or tools have you’ve discovered helps teachers feel more secure with technology and ability to protect their students while they were online?
  • What are some tips and tricks for online security as students get more tech savvy?
  • What technology did you find was essential for teachers to run their class?