As a solution specifically designed to deliver one-way alerts and notifications to desktop users (including remote workers) that cannot be skipped, ignored, or saved for later, NetSupport Notify scales to the largest of organizations and school districts with multiple sites – providing real-time status of notifications and acknowledgements, as well as delivering pre-scheduled alerts.

In version 5.1, new features and enhancements have been added to make desktop alerting and mass communication even more effective.

When sending a notification, selecting recipients is now much clearer and easier via an update to its user interface. It’s also quicker, thanks to some behind-the-scenes performance enhancements. Meanwhile, the option to send notifications to offline users is now available and, when staff return ‘online’ and log onto their device, they will simply receive the notifications that have been sent over the past 48 hours. This is particularly useful for helping staff coming back from holiday, for example, to catch up on or be reminded of any messages that were sent while they were away. Another useful enhancement is having the sender’s name visible on all notifications sent out. The name will appear at the bottom of the notification − handy for better understanding the nature of the message and its urgency.

It’s also even quicker and easier to customize notifications with the help of formatting shortcuts for bold, italic, and/or underline formatting, e.g. ‘Ctrl+B/I/U’ to turn on/off character formatting.

Additional enhancements also include extra details included in the History view, ability to set the default ‘Sent to’ method as ‘department’ or ‘server’, and much more!