In busy office environments, it’s sometimes hard to cut through everything that’s going on to get a message across to everyone. That’s not a good thing, especially if there’s an emergency or something going on that will affect everyone’s work.

Companies have tried various ways to ensure all their staff receive such messages promptly, but they don’t always have a 100 percent success rate. For example, ‘all staff’ emails are a good way to get the message out, but how can you guarantee people will read it as soon as it arrives? You can’t, which isn’t so great if they need to evacuate the building or something similar that requires swift action. As an alternative, some businesses use loudspeaker announcements to get their messages heard, which is good if you’re actually in the building and not engaging with anyone else at the time, but if you’re on the phone to a customer, it’s likely you’ll miss it!

A reliable way to communicate

That’s why we developed NetSupport Notify. Like email, this easy-to-use mass notification system delivers messages to all staff PCs, but unlike email, the message appears on top of everything else that is open on the screen, ensuring it is seen and read immediately. And it’s not just confined to messaging work PCs – it can place alerts on information display screens to ensure people passing by can also read and act on them, if necessary. It’s simple to set up, maintain and use and many corporate organizations find it really useful to not only issue emergency announcements, but also to schedule regular ones, such as fire alarm test notifications and so on.

New in version 5.1…

We’ve just released NetSupport Notify version 5.1 to make it even better than before! Its new enhancements include:

  • Easier selection of recipients – perfect in case of emergencies
  • Sending notifications to offline users (optional) – useful to keep staff up to speed (when they log back in, they will see any alerts sent during the last 48 hours)
  • Displaying the sender’s name on all notifications – a great addition for users to better understand the subject and importance of the alert.

To find out more about the latest updates and enhancements and how NetSupport Notify can help your organization, click here.