America’s Safe Schools Week begins this week and aims to ensure that ‘all of our nation’s schools are safe, secure, and productive’.  

Originally founded by the National School Safety Center in 1984, the goal is to vigorously advocate for school safety, including keeping campuses free of crime and violence, improving discipline, and increasing student attendance – helping to ensure the wellbeing of all students. To find out strategies to support America’s Safe Schools Week, click here

NetSupport’s education solutions are designed with safety in mind, with powerful online safety toolkits to protect students from inappropriate content, bullying, mental health concerns, and much more. 

Our award-winning IT asset management solution, NetSupport DNA, helps schools proactively identify and support vulnerable students with its built-in safeguarding module that includes features like keyword monitoring to provide schools with an insight into what students are typing, copying or searching for online. In addition, its unique contextual intelligence-based Risk Index provides context. Alerts can be triggered for eSafety terms that are considered a high severity by the school, allowing trusted staff members to act fast and address the issue. 

Cloud-based classroom management and teaching platform,, allows teachers to easily provide continuous learning in the classroom or remotely, while protecting students as they learn online. Teachers can monitor concerning activity, spot online safety trends, and identify at-risk students – while boosting digital citizenship and wellbeing, 

To learn more about NetSupport DNA’s online safety tools, click here.  

To support safe learning in a blended setting, discover more about’s online safety tools here