We think our solutions are great, but it’s always awesome to hear it directly from our users. Check out this recent review of NetSupport School from Shawn Rutherford at Emerson PSS.

Emerson PSS uses NetSupport School for virtual classes that they taught for classes comprised of students outside of the United States, from areas such as Ireland, South America and others. Discover how our solution has helped their organization below.

Highlighting the main features used in NetSupport School, Shawn mentions: 

“We can easily see any and all of their work, giving us an idea whether they are doing the work, receiving errors or are finished and ready to continue. When teaching, we limit the student’s ability to log into the system during off hours by blanking the screen. When we do “open” up the classroom, we simply unblank the screens. We can also easily distribute files (typically locked PDFs) to students for their own use and research.”

Commenting on how NetSupport School helped during the pandemic, Shawn says:  

“During the worst part of the pandemic, we conducted entire week-long classes, from home, to students also working from home, without anyone actually present in our classrooms. An amazing ability that not only allowed us to remain profitable but due to lack of travel and equipment shipment for in-person/on-site classes, helped us actually break our sales record from the previous year. We capitalized and it paid off.”

Pointing out how reliable and compatible NetSupport School is, Shawn states: 

“NetSupport School is flawless. To date, with thousands of students participating in week-long classes, over the pandemic period, we have yet to see a single failure of NetSupport. It is a solid product that works well with Teams, Webex, Adobe Connect and GoToMyPC, as well as Splashtop (remote viewer similar to GoToMyPC).”

Discover how NetSupport School can equip educators and trainers to provide high-quality teaching and learning with a complete toolkit of features for classroom management and instruction here