Our CEO, Al Kingsley, has a new article published on Forbes, titled: ‘Making the Right Technology Choices For Your Organization’. Check out this article to get tips about selecting the right technology to best address your organization’s challenges and meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Highlighting the importance of selecting the right technology, Al says:

“Essentially, good software speaks for itself — and the only way you will find out what is the best fit for your business is to put in a dedicated period of research and testing upfront. That effort makes the future vendor-customer relationship more productive and rewarding. This is because vendors and customers can then work together to help get the most out of a solution (and, crucially, what vendors learn from their customers also informs the solution’s future development) rather than enter a long battle of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.”

To help minimize risk, Al suggested some actions to take part of your research: 

  1. Try Before You Buy – Maximize your trial period by selecting a team, gauge feedback from stakeholders, as well as proactively talk with the vendor.
  2. Social Proof – Check their rep! Read case studies and software review sites to hear from other businesses.
  3. External Validation – Get the proof from industry leaders to ensure the solution provides evidence of impact.

Learn more by reading the full article below. Also, be sure to follow Al Kingsley on Twitter at @AlKingsley_Edu.