Welcome to another episode of #TipTopTipsEdu. In this fantastic episode, it was great to welcome Laura Knight of Berkhamsted School to the show.  

As a strong member of my PLN for probably a decade or more, Laura has always been a strong advocate for purposeful use of technology to support learning. In her role as Director of Digital Learning at the Berkhamsted Schools Group, she works closely with all colleagues in a variety of ways, which she explains in her interview.  

So, what’s this episode all about? 

Linking to Laura’s extensive experience and passion for impactful and innovative uses of technology in education, I posed the following questions to her: 

  1. What tips can you share about supporting teachers with their confidence and competence with technology?
  2. How do you influence change in your school when it comes to new technology? How have you done that in your school?
  3. What quick wins can you share that our viewers might find useful?
  4. I know you’re a big fan of automation and getting things out of email. What does that mean and what does that look like at your school?
  5. Like me, you think that evidence-informed approaches around efficacy with technology are important. Can you share some of the strategies you’ve deployed that have been impactful in your school?  

As expected, the questions brought some meaningful and helpful conversations and responses from Laura. One key takeaway from the conversation was about her approaches to supporting new and existing colleagues with the all-important ‘Continuing’ part of CPD. I could share more here but, of course, you’d be much better hearing from Laura herself, which you can do so by watching the episode! 

Watch the episode back below: 

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Want to connect with Laura? 

To learn more about Laura and her work, you can connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter 

Massive thanks to Laura for taking the time out of her busy schedule to meet and share on #TipTopTipsEdu; I know you’ll have lots of takeaways from her sharing!