Welcome to another episode of #TipTopTipsEdu. In this definitely Googley episode, it was great to welcome Peter Horner of Barton Peveril Sixth Form College to the show. 

Peter has been a great person to follow on social media and I have done so for several years now. He regularly shares great content around impactful approaches to using Google tools and Chromebooks. As such, I knew he’d make for a great guest on the show who would be able to share some fantastic ideas and approaches to using Chromebooks and Google Workspace for Education – and I wasn’t wrong.  

In the interview, Peter shared some great insights and #TipTopTipsEdu framed around the following areas: 

  • Getting started with Chromebooks
  • Collaborative activities on Docs and Jamboard
  • Screen recording on Chromebooks  
  • Accessibility tools
  • Teaching from a Chromebook
  • And much, much more besides… 

As expected, he had advice and top tips across all of these areas. Watch the recording of the episode back to learn more! 

Watch back now!

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Want to connect with Peter? 

To learn more about Peter and his work, you can connect with him on LinkedInTwitter or alternatively, check out his informative YouTube channel here 

Massive thanks to Peter for taking the time out of his busy schedule to meet and share on #TipTopTipsEdu; I know you’ll have lots of takeaways from his experienced use and knowledge of using Google Workspace and Chromebooks in education!