At NetSupport, we take safeguarding students seriously and aim to provide edtech solutions that allow schools to create a safe learning environment for all students. Our IT asset management and safeguarding solution, NetSupport DNA, has been trusted by many schools worldwide to do just that – in addition to easily managing technology across the school. 

Getting feedback from our users allows us to ensure that our solutions offer the very best tools to truly help enhance technology-led learning while maximizing students’ learning experiences.  

Discover how St John’s College has found the safeguarding features in NetSupport DNA extremely helpful in our recent review by Mat Round, Deputy Head (Pastoral), Designated Safeguarding Lead & Head of Boarding. 

He describes how the school finds it useful from both a safeguarding and pastoral care point of view, especially around self-harm and eating disorders. He also explains how these kinds of issues have been on the rise during the various lockdowns and that NetSupport DNA has helped staff to see what students were searching for.