Have you ever wondered what the future of edtech will be like? Well, we certainly have – which is why we’re excited to bring together a group of edtech experts to discuss just that! 

Meet the experts below who will be joining us on our edtech panel discussion next Wednesday, January 19th.

  • Dr. Adam Phyall: Director of Technology and Media Services at Newton County Schools and ISTE Board of Directors Member 2022. Connect with Adam on Twitter at @AskAdam3 or via Askadam3.com
  • Dr. Rosalyn Washington: Digital Learning Specialist (for Literacy) at Atlanta Public Schools and Adjunct Professor at Georgia State University in Educational Policy Studies. Connect with Rosalyn on Twitter at @ApsitRosalyn or via RosalynWashington.com
  • Al Kingsley: CEO of NetSupport and author of ‘My Secret #EdTech Diary’. Connect with Al on Twitter at @AlKingsley_Edu or via alkingsley.com

Do you want to join in on the discussion? 

If you have any edtech questions that you would like to submit for the panel to discuss, send them to [email protected] and the experts will do their best to address them in the discussion! 

To have your questions included, please submit them before this Sunday, January 16th. Then, be sure to tune into the panel discussion on Wednesday, January 19th.