Easy to set up, configure, manage, and use, classroom.cloud (the classroom management, online safety and device management platform) now provides even more tools to help IT teams manage and support school devices.

With the new hardware and software inventory tools, see at a glance how your technology is being used and how to maximize it.

Hardware Inventory

Gather a wealth of information from each device registered to your assigned site – from CPU and BIOS types, to network, video, and storage data – plus much more! With over 50 pieces of information collected, you can customize the columns to allow you to view more or less data, or filter for a single device, department, or bespoke group – making it easier to focus on the information that’s important to you.

Software Inventory

View a complete list of all the installed applications on each device to ensure staff and students have the ones they need. The software inventory is also handy for checking that no non-school-related software has been installed onto a device that may cause a security threat to the network and/or the device itself.