It’s with great pleasure that we announce our CEO, Al Kingsley, has been named as a top Edruptor for 2021! 

ISC Research has explored the top international key education influencers based on LinkedIn, Twitter and public survey data and has compiled a list of the top Edruptors that have been making a splash across the industry. 

Commenting on what makes a good Edruptor, Al Kingsley states: “My passion is giving a voice to others who come up with great and relevant ideas and are doing something fantastic in education, giving them an opportunity to share this with a wider audience. No two schools are the same, and no two cohorts of children are the same, so suggesting that one product or idea is perfect in education is a misnomer; it’s about allowing others to make the decision whether it’s right for their school and their cohorts or not.” 

To learn more about what Al Kingsley is up to, be sure to follow him on Twitter at @AlKingsley_Edu