Today is Self-Injury Awareness Day, and for over 20 years, this day has aimed to bring awareness to self-injury and self-harm.

Raising awareness about this issue is imperative as it helps educate people who are unfamiliar with it, as well as reaching out to people who do harm themselves to offer support and resources.

Join us in recognizing Self-Injury Awareness Day on Twitter using the hashtag #SIAD. To find out how to contribute more, see the tips below to make a larger impact.

How can you do your part? 

  • Check on a friend who might be struggling and offer your support.
  • Wear an orange ribbon in solidarity to show that you’re a safe person to speak with.
  • Seek the help of a professional to help gain control without self-harm.

How do we help with our edtech solutions? 

At NetSupport, we understand how important it is to keep students safe and help prevent harmful behavior before it occurs. That’s why we ensure that our online safety solutions have tools to proactively identify and support vulnerable students – making it easier for school counselors to assist students who are at risk.

Discover how our IT Asset Management and online safety solution, NetSupport DNA, can help with managing school-wide technology while creating a safer learning environment.

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