Let’s celebrate our planet together…

In 1970, the world celebrated its very first Earth Day with over 20 million supporters and it has been growing ever since. Originally created in response to a massive oil spill in California, Earth Day gained global recognition throughout the years highlighting the importance of changing human behavior to create a cleaner environment and cleaner energy.

The theme this year is “Invest in Our Planet” with the goal of creating a greener future for a more prosperous future ahead. There are several ways to do your part to celebrate Earth Day, check out a complete toolkit here. To join the movement online, use the hashtags #InvestInOurPlanet and #EarthDay across social media platforms to show your support.

Our IT asset management solution, NetSupport DNA, helps schools and organizations do their part on Earth Day and every day throughout the year with its Energy Monitoring and Power Management features. Using these features can help calculate energy usage and then set a policy to automatically power devices off at a specific time of day – helping reduce energy consumption and save money as well.